Console : 32 channel Mackie 8 bus with custom 384 point patchbay

Recording Equipment : Tascam MSR 16 Ω" 16 track analog
w/ dbx
Otari MX-5050 Biii º" 2 track w/ dbx
Ensoniq Paris 128 track digital system
Tascam DA-30 and da-p1 dat machines
HHB and Pioneer elite audio cd recorders
Audio cassette recorders by tascam, denon

Microphones : (3) akg 414 b-uls
(2) akg d-224-e
Akg d-12
Akg d-112
(4) Altec n-21-br vacuum tube condenser
(2) coles 4038 ribbon
(3) electro-voice pl-20
electro-voice 308 ND
electro-voice 408 nd
(2) sennheiser md-421
Shure SM-57
(2) Shure Beta-57
(2) Shure SM-81
and assorted funky old mics I've collected along the way.

Microphone Preamps : Brent Averill 1272 stereo
Paia stereo tube preamp

Outboards : aphex compellor compressor/leveler
Aphex dominator 3 band limiter
Aphex Aural exciter type 3
art 31 band eq
Ashley 31 band stereo eq
Boss se-50
Ibanez sdr 1000
Korg sdd-2000 delay/sampler
Lexicon pcm-60
Mxr stereo 15 band eq
Rocktron 300 compressor/limiter/hush ii
(2) Rolland dep-5
Sony hr-mp5
Symetrix 525 stereo compressor/gate
(6) channels Valley People Dyna-mite
(4) channels valley people gate

Amps, instruments :Alessis hr-16b drum machine
(2) altec 421-8h 15" bass speakers in JBL design
Ampeg v-4b tube bass head
Art pro-gap guitar preamp
Community light and sound ggm bass cab loaded
with jbl d-130 speakers
Galien-kruger 400b bass head
Hiwatt custom 50 head
Ibanez overdrive ii (germanium transistors)
Ibanez tube screamer
Marshall 50 watt tube head
Marshall 4 x 12 guitar cabnet loaded with
celestion green backs
Marshall se-100 speaker emulator
Matel synsonics
s.d. curlee bass
sonar 5 piece drum kit

Monitors : Tannoy system 12 dmt driven by
bgw 700c
tannoy pbm6.5 driven by alessis matica 500
headphones by akg, audio technica, fostex,
koss, sennheiser